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[personal profile] ikols 2017-03-27 07:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[ It's early enough that Billy and Ivar, along with most of the rest of Floor Five, are still asleep, but with Stark out wherever Stark goes and the Captain taking off long before dawn, Loki is restless enough to rise. It feels a little like babysitting, like she cares that no one ought to be able to take her apartment by surprise without at least one decent fighter awake, but she pushes that down and instead pays attention to the gurgling of her stomach.

It's six in the morning as bacon is grilled and bread toasted, cheese melted and mixed with ketchup into Loki's own Special Sauce. A tshirt emblazoned I HEART NY covers black boxers, still in her pyjamas.

It's quiet on the moon-tide realm, exactly how she prefers it. ]
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[ Mid-yawn, she glances over at the noise. Stark would barrel in announcing his presence, the Captain less so but just as loud. As far as Loki knows, those are the only two housemates up and out, and the hour is ungodly (she would know) enough for visitors to be classified as Hela Rude rude as Hela, get it. Curious, she heads to the front door and opens it while itching at her bedhead.

Oh. This one she's seen from afar, fraternising with her world's Captain. ]

... It's too early for avenging.
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[ ... That is a nice smile. How manipulative! ]

It is. [ Folding her arms with an amiable neutrality, Loki leans on the door-frame to block his entrance. ] Why don't you fly back to your own floor and cook something up, I wonder?
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Yes, well, those are the guys. I suspect they never thought you'd be interrupting a lady's breakfast.

[ Because why would they? But whatever, Loki will imply they're just rude bags of dicks with a smile on her face (looking Sam over). ]
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Mmm. [ Sizing him up, she pushes off the wall and heads inside with a sway in her hips. ] A better offer than I'd get off them, I suppose. I hope you like bacon rolls and the ketchup condiment.
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Sam Wilson, the Falcon. Your username on the network told me as much.

[ Back at the grill, bacon is flipped and she tips the grease from a pan onto each slice of a bun. Classy. ]

Take a seat. [ The breakfast bar isn't set but that's where she nods, next drizzling Special Sauce on her works of culinary art. ] Do you want OJ, a beer, or water?

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I understand the Legolas joke! In retrospect it was very funny, well done.
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Alcohol seems to have that effect, but luckily it works both ways!

Is that what comes to mind for humans from Earth when they think of elves?

[Since it's... not exactly what elves are like where he's from, or at least not all of them.]
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Now I'm real curious what people think dark elves are like.
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Well that's kinda racist. I know some lovely dark elves, used to do a show in the Underdark every now and then, great crowd.
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[Oh no Sam, that kinda racism doesn't exist where he's from]

What does skin color have to do with it?
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Fuck that.

Sometimes people are kinda dicks to other races but it's not like, that bad.

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[ He is going to bug every Avenger that might feel bad for him. ]

All hands on deck! Avengers assemble by the portal, it needs fixing post-haste! Hurry it along, people!

[ Ignore the fact he sounds like a young teenager. ]